Meet Our Team

CrossBay’s leadership team is comprised of experienced entrepreneurial professionals who have previously served as CEOs or business owners throughout their careers. Their individual track records of success and unique collective drive to think outside the box combine to position CrossBay as a company to advance women’s health through innovative technology.

Piush Vidyarthi


Piush has been working in women's health since 1997. More than a biomedical engineer, he has spent much of his career on developing game-changing medical device products, bringing them to market and globalizing them. Realizing the long-standing need for technology that genuinely improves the overall patient experience in women’s health, Piush founded CrossBay to effect change and provide a product platform entirely focused on providing patient comfort and enhanced outcomes.

Steve Bacich


With over 70 issued US medical device patents multiple products successfully brought to market, and more than 30 years of medical device industry experience (including 20 years focused on women’s health), Steve has basically done it all from product conception to creating companies and CEO roles. With CrossBay, he’s back to doing what he truly loves: dreaming up innovation-based solutions to long-standing problems and making them reality.

Cristiano Fontana


Cristiano is Crossbay’s uber-talented financial guru and experienced expert on European women’s health. A business-oriented visionary, he possesses the unique ability to view the development and global launch of new devices through a fiscal lens. And with more than 15 years of healthcare experience, he is well-versed on how to bring products to market. He also happens to be married to a gynecologist, providing him with a unique perspective on patients and physicians in the women’s health space.

Kelly Roy, MD


Being a well-published medical doctor/surgeon and a biomedical engineer, Kelly not only views medical devices from the clinician and patient perspective; she is also uniquely positioned to work closely with CrossBay’s R&D team from a mechanical and technological perspective. She also brings a focus on compassion for the patient experience. She is a globally philanthropic physician and possesses a distinct passion for innovation and solutions focused on patient comfort, inspiring the entire CrossBay team.

Matt Yurek

Director of Engineering

To put it simply, Matt is the kind of engineer that knows how to “make things work.” He has a rich 35-year background in developing products from the ground up and brings to CrossBay his distinct passion for finding solutions to problems and creating new devices that are designed to improve the patient and physician experience. He is affectionately known at CrossBay as “chief problem solver” and has been awarded 38 US patents in the medical device category.