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October 13, 2020

CrossBay Medical receives FDA Clearance for CrossGlide™ ETS Plus for frictionless, office-based endometrial biopsy procedures focused on patient comfort. Similar to the CrossGlide ETS, Endometrial Tissue Sampler (which received FDA clearance this summer), the ETS Plus also enables medical providers to perform a frictionless, office-based endometrial biopsy procedure gently, effortlessly and without a tenaculum. This new ETS Plus device is also indicated for use for sonohysterography for real-time diagnostic visualization in addition to the removal of material from the uterus and from the mucosal lining of the uterus to obtain tissue for histological biopsy.

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April 1, 2020

CrossBay Medical has received FDA clearance for its CrossGlide Endometrial Tissue Sampler. The CrossGlide™ ETS, the third product to utilize the frictionless CrossGlide technology platform, enables medical providers to perform an office-based endometrial biopsy procedure gently, effortlessly and without a tenaculum. The product is designed for simpler access to the uterine cavity than currently available modalities.

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January 22, 2020

CrossBay Medical, Inc., a health technology company focused on humanizing the delivery of women’s healthcare, has announced the launch of a new website, introducing its CrossGlide™ technology platform. The site, features animation and videos unveiling the CrossGlide concept and how it works to enhance and improve the patient experience for cervical access procedures.

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November 4, 2019

Hologic, Inc. (Nasdaq: HOLX) has launched the Definity™ cervical dilator, a major advancement for gynecological procedures that uses SureAccess™ balloon technology to gently and effortlessly access uterine cavities without a tenaculum, lessening patient discomfort and reducing risk of perforation during dilation.

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August 22, 2019

CrossBay Medical, Inc., today announced that it has received clearance to commercialize its product, the Endometrial Tissue Sampler using CrossGlide™ technology, in Europe by obtaining its CE Mark. The use of this technology allows a novel way to obtain an office-based endometrial biopsy, a very common tissue-sampling procedure performed in women’s health offices worldwide. The ETS is the third product using the frictionless CrossGlide™ technology to receive marketing authorization and will be made available for use in endometrial biopsy procedures in the coming months.

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January 11, 2018

Vitrolife AB (publ) has acquired exclusive global licensing rights in the IVF field regarding a technology that can be used for embryo transfer in connection with IVF treatments. Vitrolife intends to commercialise the technology by marketing a unique embryo transfer catheter…CrossBay Medical Inc. has developed and patented a balloon technology that can easily pass through difficult areas. On the basis of this technology CrossBay has developed an embryo transfer catheter which is approved by the FDA and CE-marked, with the aim of making all transfers uncomplicated and standardized. The product has not yet been launched on the market.

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May 17, 2017

CrossBay Medical Announces FDA And CE Mark Marketing Authorizations For Its IVF Embryo Transfer Catheter Set

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April 25, 2014

Norgenix Pharmaceuticals, LLC, and CrossBay Medical, Inc. today announced a strategic alliance and revealed its medical device co-promotion, the SonoSure™ Sonohysterography and Endometrial Sampling Device.

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April 9, 2014

CrossBay Medical, Inc. announces FDA, Health Canada, and CE mark marketing authorizations for SonoSure SonoHysterography and Endometrial Sampling Device

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