About CrossBay Medical Inc Affordable Products for the Global Market!

CrossBay is a company focused on developing medical devices for women and children.  We believe innovation must be affordable and applicable to the global market.  Globalization increases the need for affordable healthcare.   Our products will contribute to this need. 

CrossBay was founded in 2009.  The company’s goal is met by leveraging the experience of its partners and affiliates.  The strategic partners in the company have developed, manufactured, registered and commercialized products for over 30 years.  Our affiliates are distributors that bring products for women and children to their markets. 

Through our passion and drive to bring better products and solutions to the global market, we have developed a system that will engage the necessary trust, knowledge and integrity to be a leading international manufacturer, promoter and distributor of medical device solutions.

pviddy Chat with me Piush Vidyarthi, USA
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