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The mission of CrossBay Medical is to empower physicians to deliver compassionate in-office care by offering a suite of products based on the CrossGlide™ technology. The company will continue to develop and commercialize medical devices using CrossGlide™ across a wide array of gynecological applications in the coming years.


CrossBay Medical, Inc., today announced that it has received clearance to commercialize its product, the Endometrial Tissue Sampler using CrossGlide™ technology, in Europe by obtaining its CE Mark. The use of this technology allows a novel way to obtain an office-based endometrial biopsy, a very common tissue-sampling procedure performed in women’s health offices worldwide. The ETS is the third product using the frictionless CrossGlide™ technology to receive marketing authorization and will be made available for use in endometrial biopsy procedures in the coming months.

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